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Performance Successes for Stagecoach Darlington & Yarm

Robbie Williams Concert – Facebook coverage

Robbie live  To share in the excitement that was had by the 9 Darlington and Yarm students who joined another 11 students from other Stagecoach schools and sang on stage live with Robbie Williams at the Newcastle Arena recently, go to these links on Facebook and

Our Students` Film will be Shown At The Cannes Film Festival

13 of our older girls (1 in a lead role), plus Claire Willmer, a teacher and Dave Murray, a parent,  were chosen some time ago to make a pilot film with the working title `An Unfortunate Woman` which was filmed at Beamish and the 6th Form College.

The film is based on a local true Darlington story about a mother who murders her own son. Our girls play orphans in the orphanage. Dave plays the Home Secretary of the time and Claire his secretary.

The film was submitted to be shown at the Cannes Film Festival – and was chosen!! Wey Hey! So the producers will be flying out in the next few weeks and our girls (and adults) will be seen by an international audience. How exciting is that?

The girls concerned were :-

Saturday AM School

Ellie Manvell (lead)

Macy Stasiak

Hannah Lucy Jackson

Saturday PM School

Rosie Liddle

Rachel Hughes

Rachel Elphick

Alex Walker

Lara Jaleel

Rachel Godfrey

Lucy Pryke

Friday School

Millie Mc Cormack

Sophie Bellwood

Suzie Mead


Rosie Liddle sad at board sad Lucy school room seen side view sideshot 2 Sophie Bellwood spectators Suzy Mead The producers vicious wafting 2 wafting wide angle board shot worn out young Ellie

reviewing the footage

on set orphanage other angle on girls Paul + Paul Rachel Elphick Rachel Godfrey Rachel Hughes

official stills Ellie + nun Official stills Ellie official stills floor scrubbing official stills mean nun 2 official stills mean nun on set 2

Millie Mc Cormack minor nun nuns in corridor official stills board writing Official stills caning Official stills David

make up 2 make up make-up me mean nun 3

Lucy Pryke

Lara Jaleel lighting long view of filming Lucy + nun lucy at board Lucy caned

hair hairdresser Hannah Lucy Jackson Ian in rows in school

girls 5 girls 7 girls 8 girls 9 girls 10 going on set

girls + Shaun girls 1 girls 2 girls 3 girls 4 girls 5

enter new nun faces in classroom filming first nun front view girlies

David Murray directed at board director at camera director at work director ellies hair

classroom bare crew in Dave portrait David again David Murray 2 David Murray 3

changing chatting Claire + David Claire + Val Claire David + director clapper board

Alex Walker at the board Back views Bad mood director camera + girls camera view

A Great Collection of Facebook Christmas Stories

Across Christmas, we had students performing for charity in Stockton Garden Centre, performing at the Lights Switch-on in Stockton and helping The Northern Echo with its Christmas Salvation Army Appeal, and ex-students and staff appearing in a variety of pantomimes. Click on the link here to visit our Facebook Page for the details and photos. You can read the page even if you do not have a Facebook account of your own.

Nathania is the `Best Speaker` in the Country

Nathania Ewruje, past student and current helper at Stagecoach Darlington, has been awarded the `Best Speaker` trophy by the renowned English Speaking Union in Oxford, for her contributions in the `National Schools Public Speaking Competition`. Nathania, aged 15 years,  was entered into the competition by her school – Red House School in Norton. Nathania researched views on a variety of topics, as the rounds of the competition progressed, with the principal and teachers at Stagecoach and fellow students. Unfortunately, her school team did not win the overall team competition but Nathania was singled out to be awarded this top individual prize. A fantastic achievement Nathania – well done from all in Stagecoach Tyne Tees!! Here she is pictured with her trophy and (with a little help from her mum) her certificate.
trophy Nathania + trophy Nathania + mum

Matthew Corner in Final West End Cast To Play `We Will Rock You`

Matthew Corner, ex-student from Stagecoach Theatre Arts Darlington, is currently one of the cast members of ‘We Will Rock You’, at the ‘Dominium Theatre’, London. He is the understudy for the male lead – ‘Galileo’. Just after Christmas Stagecoach Principal Trudy got the chance to go to London to see Matthew, on one of the occasions when he was scheduled to play the lead. Matt’s excited friends and family gathered in the foyer and Sarah Warbey (another ex-Stagecoach Darlington student) was there to support Matthew too. We were all blown away by Matthew’s performance. He looked so comfortable in the role – like he had been playing the part for months. He received a standing ovation – and not just from his personal fans! It was a very proud moment for Trudy to see one of her students achieve such success in one of the world’s finest centres for ‘Musical Theatre’ – and dream destination of many Stagecoach students – the ‘West End’.  Recently came the news that after an amazing 12 year run the show is to close in the West End,  so Matthew will be in the final West End cast

Matthew theatre Matthew and Sarah me Matthew and Sarah

Matthew Lewis Graduates from Drama School

Matthew Lewis, ex ‘Further Stages’ student, is nearing the end of his 3 year course in ‘World Performance’ at ‘East 15′ Drama School. Matthew was playing the lead role of ‘Azdak’, in Brecht’s ‘Caucasian Chalk Circle’ at ‘RADA studios’ in London, when I got to see his final course performance.  It was the performance where agents are invited to attend. Another ex ‘Further Stages’ student, Matthew Thompson, was also a guest. Matthew shone in his role as ‘Azdak’ but couldn`t enjoy the glory because he immediately had to do the ‘get-out’ before being able to relax. Luckily he paid his old Stagecoach school a visit the following Sunday to catch up. You did your old mates proud Matthew!

Matthew Lewis  4 Matthew Lewis 1 Matthew Lewis 2 Matthew Lewis 3 Matthew Lewis 6

38 students and associated siblings perform in Easter Panto with Dani Harmer

38 students and associated siblings from Stagecoach Theatre Arts Darlington and Yarm were involved in the Easter pantomime, ‘Peter Pan’, at ‘Darlington Civic Theatre’ – and they were brilliant! They took to the stage alongside Dani Harmer from ‘Tracy Beaker’, comedian Bobby Davro and ‘Art Attack’ presenter Lloyd Warbey. Principal Trudy joked that she nearly had an ‘art attack’ up and down all the flights of stairs, multiple times across 4 performances! The students were dancing in two dance routines as ‘Lost Children’ and they were wonderfully behaved and professional; a good time was had by all. Thanks go to the production company for providing such a wonderful opportunity to be on the professional stage.

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4 photo 5 photo 6 photo 7 photo 9 photo 10

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4 photo 5 photo 6 photo 7 photo 8 photo 9 photo 10

Students Get to Sing in French in Opera `Carmen`

Six students from Stagecoach Theatre Arts Darlington and Yarm  appeared on the stage, at the ‘Darlington Civic Theatre’ in the opera ‘Carmen’. They  played  ’towns children’ and had their own song to sing – in French! This very popular opera was  brought to Darlington by the ‘Russian State Ballet and Opera House’ and virtually sold out. Not only had the students to learn to understand and pronounce the French words, but they  had to learn to project their voices, put performance into their faces – and march at the same time. Their teacher Cat said, “They gave total commitment to the project and had been practising so hard at home – you could tell”. Principal Trudy said, “It was really exciting for us all to be with a foreign company and for the students to sing in another foreign language too. We  felt very international.” The students were  Isaac Tallentire, Joe Locker, Ryan Gibson, Victoria Ward, Emelia Boyle and Sally Cresser!
Carmen 1 Carmen 2 carmen 3 Carmen 4 Carmen 5 Carmen 6 carmen 7
Carmen kids 2 Carmen kids 3 Carmen kids 5 Carmen kids 6 Carmen kids crop

Very Young Students Perform at the Civic in `Brassed Off`

Six of our very youngest students ever to have performed professionally in our time at Stagecoach Theatre Arts Darlington and Yarm, staged very professional performances in ‘Brassed Off’ at the ‘Darlington Civic Theatre’ recently. Siblings were chosen to give each other support when on stage, because it was hard to know how the youngest three, who were all five years old, would react on their debut, to the bright lights and full audiences. Rehearsals were hard for them to understand but we need not have worried because all six students were impeccable in their professionalism. Special mention must go to Summer Hyndman who had to act as a little boy! The cast were all lovely with the children and helped them to create some wonderful memories. Our starlets were Isobel + Matthew Longfield, Bella + Ethan  Lowery and Kyra + Summer Hyndman.

Brassed Off -  Hyndman

Brassed off Lowery

Brassed off Lowery jumping

Brassed off longfield

Brassed Off - Longfield