Newsletter Summer Term 2014 – post 8 – Summer Workshops


Wow !  Seeing this photo again from one of our very first Summer Workshops takes me back!  This young man has graduated from Cambridge now and was about 9 years old here……

Daniel as churchill

This year`s Summer Workshop Week will be happening at Teesside High School in Eaglescliffe, TS16 9AT from 18th to 22nd August from 10.00am until 4.00pm each day from Monday to Thursday and then 10.00am until the show finishes (about 9.00pm) on the Friday. AUDIENCE TICKETS ARE FREE.  It will be a musical comedy with a Shakespeare theme…….

The cost is the same as last year – £120 for the 5 days. Siblings get a 50% reduction. The age range in the main workshop week is from 6 to 16 years and members need to attend all 5 days to be in the show at 7pm on the Friday evening.

Younger students aged from 4 to 7 years, (note the cross-over in ages between the 2 projects to give a choice) will be able to enrol for single days at a cost of £30 per day from 10.00am until 4.00pm. If they attend for all 5 days they receive a reduction to the same price as the main workshop – £120. ANY STUDENTS ON THESE COURSES FOR YOUNGER CHILDREN WHO ARE ATTENDING  FOR THE FULL WEEK OR ARE ATTENDING ON THE FRIDAY WILL HAVE THE CHANCE TO GUEST INTO THE MAIN WORKSHOP`S SHOW AT 7pm ON THE FRIDAY. The tickets to watch are FREE.

Each day, these younger students will work on Singing, Dance and Drama and some craft work, on a different theme each day, based on well-known stories. But, unlike in previous years, they will not put on a performance at the end of each day – apart from the Friday session, as mentioned above. If the weather is kind, the grounds in Teesside High School offer great opportunities for outdoor, imaginative play which we will take advantage of and may ask you to send in dressing up clothes, picnics, `treasure` etc etc.

ANYONE is welcome to come to a Stagecoach Summer Workshop, whether they are an existing student or not. Many Stagecoach students bring their school friends with them for the week to enjoy something together.

Given the price of holiday child care we feel that our workshops are very good value for money.

To book your place for this year please e mail and leave the names and dates of birth and contact details for the children that require enrolling and an application form will be sent to you which will need returning with a deposit of £25 for each child. Places are limited and are allocated on a first come first served basis

2 thoughts on “Newsletter Summer Term 2014 – post 8 – Summer Workshops

  1. Hi Trudy am Interested in a place for Niamh for the summer school
    Also while I am on I believe there is a free ticket for the Robbie concert Is it for the Sunday or Monday? Can we give it away as have bought ours? See you Saturday, Cath

  2. Just complete one of the forms on the desk for a Summer school place please and the Free Robbie tickets is for the Monday night and I have it down in Niamh`s teacher`s name. Is that correct?


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