Carmen Six Do Us Proud


Our French-Singing `Carmen` Towns Children did us proud in their appearance at the Darlington Civic Theatre last night. Here they are below with their costumes on ready to open the show.

They were then allowed to go up into the Upper Circle to watch the show (with its projected subtitles) which was `an experience`. Im not sure that the students were tuned into the plot line. They kept us amused with how unreal they felt it all was – one minute the characters professing undying love for one another and the next second changing their mind and deciding to do the opposite. We are creating a next generation of theatre critics – haha.

I have these photos as larger, better quality files. If the students` parents would like one of the group and an individual one then please e mail me on and I ll forward one to you.

carmen 7 Carmen 6 Carmen 5 Carmen 4 carmen 3 Carmen 2 Carmen 1

One thought on “Carmen Six Do Us Proud

  1. Received this morning from the producers of the opera:-

    Hello Trudy,

    I have heard that Carmen Opera was a great success for the children!

    I would like to thank you once again for all your time effort and hard work and of course thank you to the children.

    I wish you and all the children that were in the choir last night best of luck in the future projects.

    Thank you,

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